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The most frequently asked questions and answers

Letter From A Lawyer is a special service brought to you by a law firm whose mission is to give every resident of California access to affordable quality legal services. Your attorney is licensed by the State Bar of California, has over 10 years of experience, and has previously advised Fortune 500 companies.

To ensure maximum efficacy of the letter, we do not prominently feature the name of your lawyer on this Letter From A Lawyer website. However, as soon as you submit your letter request, you will receive an email directly from your lawyer within an hour with more information about him and his California law firm. You will also receive a request for your free consultation as well as the details for your secure client portal.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of the letter, we can guarantee that the letter will be of high quality. We’re confident in the strength of our skills and experience, so we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the letter.

As soon as we agree to fulfill your request, you will receive an invitation to create your account on our secure client portal. We will upload all of the documents and tracking information for the letter directly to your account. You will also receive tracking information by email.

For our amazing price of $199,

‣ You are eligible to receive a free no-cost consultation with our California-licensed attorney,

‣ We will write your customized legal demand letter,

‣ You will have access to all of your documents via your private client account,

‣ We will mail the letter within 48 hours and take care of all certified mail shipping costs, and lastly,

‣ We will alert you if/when the other party responds.

If any follow-up work is required after the letter has been sent, we will discuss your options with you and provide you with a separate fee quote for that work.

Yes, of course! We will send you a draft of the letter for approval before we send it out. Please note that your prompt reply is required to deliver the letter within the stated time frame.

No. The letter will be written on our law office’s official letterhead. The recipient will not know that you purchased the letter from Letter From A Lawyer. It will just appear as if you have hired a lawyer to represent you.

We alert you to their reply. If any further action is required, we will discuss that with you. Any such additional action will be the subject of a separate fee agreement.

We are licensed in the State of California. We can only send legal letters to and from California. You need to either be a California resident and/or your legal dispute had to arise in California in order for us for our law firm to represent you.


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