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Can I get out of a 2-year contract in California?

Sometimes you sign a two year lease on a house or apartment. That may be because the landlord required it, or it may have suited you at the time that you signed it. But real life doesn’t happen in two year phases. Sometimes your plans change in a way that you could not have anticipated at the time you signed the contract. In the lease example, maybe you relocated to California for work, but then an even better job opportunity came up elsewhere. If you signed a two year lease, are you really locked in for two years?

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Debt Collector Harassment and Abuse - Letter from A Lawyer

Being Harassed by Debt Collectors? You Have Rights!

What makes someone wake up one day and decide to become a debt collector? Perhaps they just enjoy being on the phone, so the prospect of calling someone over and over again until they answer is a major draw. Perhaps they get a buzz from intimidating the poor debtor who can’t pay his bills.

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Small Claims Court & Judicial Precedent - Chamber of Advocates

Small Claims Court: The Lawyer Free Zone

If you’re suing for less than $10,000 in California, you can sue in small claims court. This is cheaper and less formal than full court proceedings. In fact, it’s so informal that lawyers aren’t even allowed in. Yes, that’s right. Strange as it sounds, small claims court is a Lawyer Free Zone.

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Cyberbullying and Bullying Prevention Center in California

What you should know about your rights when you’re being bullied

For many cyberbullying victims, the questions that they never seem to get a good answer to are: what can I do about this? How can I make it stop? What are my rights? In California there are criminal laws that a cyberbully could be violating, depending on the circumstances. Sanctions for violating criminal laws could include imprisonment or fines.

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Noise Nuisance and Neighbors - Resolving Neighbor Disputes

What can I do about my noisy neighbors?

There are laws in California to protect you from ongoing unreasonably noisy neighbors. In California, this law is known as the law of nuisance. You have a right to “quiet enjoyment” of your property, whether you are a tenant who is leasing the house or you own the property.

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